iRO Character Server Transfer Policy

The iRO community is a vibrant and active collection of players from all over the world. Through iRO, many users have found friends and established great relationships. The ability to adventure together and share in-game experiences has been the greatest aspect of the game.

However, a large number of players have signed up to play on specific servers without considering that their friends and families may be on different servers. As a result, we have received many requests from players to transfer their character accounts to another server so that they can meet up with their friends online.

Due to the many requests to server transfer, we have implemented a value added service and have enacted a new policy to meet these requests. If you desire to transfer you character to another server, the following service is offered.

Please note that this value added service is subject to terms of an agreement and must be paid for in WP Energy.

This Server Transfer policy was established in order to maintain game balance, prevent fraudulent activity, and to eliminate the heavy burden and cost it would put on the Customer Service Department.

We have reserved the right to end or modify this service at any time without prior notification.

All terms and conditions of the Ragnarok Online’s Terms of agreement and the Privacy policy found on apply to any transfer or attempted transfer of characters. You will not be allowed to transfer any characters to an account that is not yours and that was not originally registered by you.


For moving characters on an account from one server to another:

1 character – 800 WP
2 characters - 1200 WP
3 characters - 1600 WP
4 characters - 2000 WP
5 characters - 2400 WP
6 characters - 2800 WP
7 characters - 3200 WP
8 characters - 3600 WP
9 characters - 4000 WP


Server transfer requests take between 48 and 72 hours to complete after the request is submitted.

The Request Form cannot be used to move two or more characters to multiple or different servers. If you would like to move multiple characters to multiple servers, you will need to fill out additional Request Forms.

1. For transferring character from one server to a different server, characters will only be moved with limited items and Zeny; these limits are described in detail further down this page.

2. Characters will retain all learned skills as they will not be removed during the transfer.

3. It is highly recommended that you do not give away or destroy existing items upon requesting for a transfer, as it is possible that your request for transfer may be denied. Items given away or destroyed in anticipation of the future move will not be returned.

4. Once a request has been made, users are requested to keep the characters that are to be transferred, in a ready to be transferred state. When the WP Team conducts the transfer procedure the account will be locked and the characters logged off, if you are not ready for the transfer whatever items were missing will not be transferred with the character.

5. Guilds: Characters will be removed from any guild association they may have as part of the character transfer, if the character is a guild leader, the player will be required to remove that character from the guild, via breaking the guild.

6. No character transfers will be allowed to or from the test server, Sakray.

7. Original character names may not be guaranteed in the new server if the name is already used by another user. User will be requested to submit 3 alternative character names to be used if original character name cannot be transferred.

8. Any characters that are currently a part of the adoption system at the time of transfer, will not be allowed to transfer to any server. However, married couples that have not adopted another character will be allowed to transfer, although they will no longer be married on the destination server. In the event that the child no longer exists, the married couple will be allowed to transfer.

For example:

If a bride and groom adopt a child, all three characters will not be allowed to transfer to another server. However, if a bride and groom have adopted a child at any point and the child no longer exists, the bride and groom will still be eligible for server transfer.

9. No refunds will be permitted once your request is approved and processed. If you change your mind about moving your character after they have already been processed, you will need to fill out an additional request for character transfer and will again be charged the required transfer fees.

10. If the service cannot be completed the WP Energy will be refunded.

11. Gravity Interactive holds the rights to deny any character transfer for any reason. Also Gravity Interactive may grant refunds on denied character transfers.

12. Item & Zeny limitations:

I. Item transfers are limited to what a character can carry on their character, Kafra Storage and Cart contents will not be transferred between servers.

II. Crafted items and forged weapons will be transferred. The name on the transferred item will be displayed as "Made in Ymir" or "Made in Valkyrie", depending on the originating server.

III. No cards or other etc. type items can be transferred. The exception to this is Kafra Shop items.

IV. Cards that are already in equipment are allowed with the following exceptions: MVP monster cards, Maya Purple, Deviling, Dark Illusion, and Ghostring cards. Equipment holding these cards will not be transferred.

V. 1 Pet Per character will be transferred. Please de-equip any pet accessory when setting up the character to be transferred and leave the pet accessory in your inventory. If you do not do this the pet armor will be lost during transfer.

Homunculi can be transferred with their Alchemists. However they will be reset to "newly called" status. They will be level 1, no skills, and intimacy will be reset. When transferred, any homunculi attached to the character will be lost.

VI. The quantity of Zeny a character may transfer is 10,000,000z per character.

Limiting the number of armor and weapon types that can be transferred.
1. 3 of any base armor types (Mufflers, Boots, Chain Mail, etc.) per character.
2. 4 of any base weapon types (Claymore, Damascus, Jur, etc.) per character.
3. No god items or god item pieces can be transferred.

Example, a character can transfer 3 mufflers, 3 Manteaus, 3 Fullplate, 3 Hats, 3 Caps, 3 Angelwings and still transfer more. Specific item type is what is checked, not what slot the gear will fill.

VII. 15 day "cool down" period in which an account can transfer from server to server.
(1 server transfer per account per 15 day period)

VIII. Items in large quantities
Items that are in large quantities are subject to inspection and may be denied in character server transfers.

IX. Quests should be completed prior to transfer, transferring will delete the “quest log (alt-U)”.